Markquis vs. Loud Luxury – Reckoning (Original Mix)

The Hamilton native took some time off from releases, launching his newfound residency with his duo Dreamkast at Avalon Hollywood. He also performed some pretty awesome solo headlining shows as well. When he wasn’t out gracing stages, he was grinding away in the studio working on an official remix, and a few amazing originals. Glad to present one of his works, his latest original with Loud Luxury, “Reckoning.” It’s Markquis’ first big room release, and the results are impressive being that this isn’t his normal style of choice. Going for an unpredictable, Merk & Kremont vibe, the track is edgy and has a variety of sounds to keep the listener on the edge of their seat. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more of his music on the way in the near future!

Click to Download: Markquis vs. Loud Luxury – Reckoning


Ryn Weaver – Octahate (Neuber Remix)

Ryn Weaver struck the music world in shock with her track, “Octahate,” a catchy indie pop number out of nowhere. It left everyone happy and excited to hear more from her, as a new voice had emerged. In the meantime, check out this remix of her track from Neuber, who gives it some wobble with his dubstep rendition! Neuber is new to the KFT scene, but more tracks like this one and he’ll be a familiar name soon enough… (PS – check his soundcloud, because he has a Galantis remix worth a listen as well!)

Click to Download: Ryn Weaver – Octahate (Neuber Remix) 

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Alesso ft. Tov Lo – Heroes (Extended Clip)

It’s here! Alesso delivers an extended clip of his new track with Tov Lo, ‘Heroes.’ He premiered it on Pete Tong’s show yesterday and it’s been a staple of his recent sets. In 2014, Alesso has been sitting on quite a few big ID’s and this is just the second to be released. ‘Tear Up The Roof’ was released on Def Jam last month, and there’s no word on his working titles ‘Scars Of Life (Ft. Ryan Tedder),’ ‘Sweet Escape,’ and ID (ft. Showtek). Tov Lo is beginning to make a name for herself and delivered the perfect vocals to compliment Alesso’s latest masterpiece.

Click To Download – Alesso Ft. Tov Lo – Heroes (Radio Rip)

Almond – Deep 4 U (ft. Nathan Brumley)

Earlier this week Buffalo up and comer ALMOND debuted his latest track, “DEEP 4 U,” featuring vocal talent Nathan Brumley. While his latest two releases were uplifting progressive productions, this time around ALMOND takes it down a notch with a groovy deep house track. The vocal chopping is a tactic we’ve seen him succeed with on a few occasions, and the beat is catchy and relaxing. Certainly a great track for ALMOND to have in the arsenal alongside his bigger sounding tunes! Coming off a sensational showing live in his hometown last night, the future looks bright for the 19 year old.

Click to Download: Almond – DEEP 4 U (ft. Nathan Brumley)

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Arty – Up All Night (Slander Remix)

After making the long awaited return to Miami this week, it’s safe to say the liver is in rough shape. As the weekend is about to commence, there’s one track that better be on the playlist tonight. Slander’s ‘Up All Night’ heaven trap remix is already racking up the plays and it’s been out for one day. Derek Andersen and Scott Land are emerging as the prominent force to be reckoned with in the trap game. Their ‘Up All Night’ remix is released on Insomniac Records September 9th, so just keep clicking the play button below till then.

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