Ben Folds – Phone In A Pool

Pop rock has always been too mild for my tastes (referring to the music genre – the candy’s just fine). Matchbox Twenty squeaks into my playlist on occasion but I’m always left wanting more oomph behind the rhythm. My ears prefer Ben Folds pounding the keys on hits like “Rockin’ the Suburbs” and “Song for the Dumped.” In collaboration with NYC-based chamber music group yMusic, Folds delivers a calculated yet driving tempo evocative of his duet with Regina Spektor, the ballad “You Don’t Know Me.”

“Seems what’s been good for the music / Hasn’t always been so good for the life[,]” the chorus repeats. The toils of his journey have led to seriously well-crafted records like “Whatever and Ever Amen” under Ben Folds Five and his solo release “Songs for Silverman.” We anticipate the forthcoming “So There” will continue the trend. I’ve got my ticket for his November show in St. Louis – if he’s rolling through your city this fall, you can’t afford to miss him.

Lost Kings Destroy This iEDM Radio Guest Mix

Just as I was slowly drowning in the endless forearm muscle and artery diagrams, this little treat popped up on Soundcloud and suddenly recurrent radial arteries didn’t seems so bad!!! The homies Rob & Nick saddle up for this wicked hour long mix teeming with brilliant song choice. Expect tracks from Don Diablo, Rudimental, Mako, Mike Mago, as well as the delivery of perhaps my favorite Kings remix to date (‘Dreams’ by Life of Dillon). No doubt my blood is flowing now.

Melanie Martinez – Pity Party (Myles Travitz Remix)


Myles Travitz has graced our eardrums many times before, with memorable remixes of machineheart, Phoebe Ryan, and Gallant to name a few. However, this time around Myles’ unique sound is entering the forefront with his first ever official label release, a remix of Melanie Martinez’s “Pity Party.”

This track could only be best defined as a pure genre ­defying production that explores personal uncharted creative territory. Myles branches out of his shell to produce one of his most mature works to date, while still maintaining the core essence of Melanie’s original that made it such a an enjoyable listen off her Crybaby LP. The remix is accompanied by 4 other renditions, culminating in the official remix EP via Atlantic Records. Show some love below by voting on HypeM, and grab your download!

Pity Party (Myles Travitz Remix): HypeMDownload

FLETCHER – War Paint (Young Bombs Remix)

NEW YOUNG BOMBS. Boy do I hate caps when they’re not used appropriately – but this was necessary. The duo continues to impress with their catchy melodies and hooks that make each and every one of their productions contagious. Don’t miss this one, it’s up there with some of our favorite YB productions…. war. paint. on.
FLETCHER – War Paint (Young Bombs Remix): Download | HypeM


Well here’s a interesting mix: Drake and Florence the Machine. Of all tracks to mix with Florence, Tesher chose one of Drizzy’s most hostile: Back to Back. The Meek Mill diss still feels just as hostile, but incredibly more triumphant and epic. The track is reminiscent of the Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons Grammy performance. I’m normally not a fan of mashups, but this one has been in heavy rotation ever since I found it. Check it out, it even has an awesome fan-made video to go along with it.

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