Marcus Schossow – Lionheart ft. The Royalties STHLM

I’m just loving the direction Armada is taking with their releases as of late. They’re really focusing on the delicate melodies that line our forearms with goosebumps and ignite butterflies in our system. Marcus Schossow’s latest original fits the above motto to perfection. With The Royalties STHLM giving the production a subtle vocal, “Lionheart,” pulls through as one of my favorite pure indie house tracks of the calendar year!

Marcus Schossow – Lionheart: iTunes | Spotify | Beatport

If you happen to be in the 305 this weekend, catch Marcus live along with some incredible other talents!

machineheart – snøw (Myles Travitz Remix)

Snow - Artwork

For those diehard alternative-pop fans, you’ve probably already heard of LA based machineheart and their standout single, “Circles,” along with their most recent gem, “snøw.” However, most in the dance music world probably are unfamiliar with the band, and the spectacular vocal range of lead singer Stevie Scott. Thanks to Myles Travitz’s remix, this is no longer a secret. Myles first appeared on KFT with his remix of ZHU’s “Faded,” that immediately caught our attention. His collaboration with ALMOND of Oh Wonder’s “The Rain,” did wonders (no pun intended) on HypeM! This time around, Myles takes on his toughest task to date. The North Carolina native spoke on the difficulties of remixing “snøw”:

“The song initially was difficult to choose a direction because I kept hearing it in a different meter. However once that was worked out, the rest was a monstrous wave of creativity…”

Snowfall shot

Myles was able to infuse the track with flurries of infectious melodies and heartwarming chordal passages that will hopefully keep all our northern friends warm and cozy during this rather lengthy winter.

machineheart – snøw (Myles Travitz Remix): Download

Beyoncé – Crazy In Love (LTMR Remix)

LTMR is back with yet another remix, this time taking on none other than Beyoncé, and her classic single,”Crazy In Love.” While it’s hard to touch the timelessness of the original, the funky mix of nu-disco elements and deep vibes make this a remix I just can’t put down. Be sure to grab that FREE download below, and enjoying B’s vocal on this groovy beat!

Beyoncé – Crazy In Love (LTMR Remix): Download

Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding – Outside (Sir Matty V Remix)

I’m always hesitant listening to Ellie Goulding remixes because her voice is just oh-so-hard to do justice with. Adding on to this hesitancy – Calvin Harris’ production in “Outside” is SO on point, I honestly just never found a need for a remix… until now. Sir Matty V scripts his best remix to date by injecting the Ellie vocal with catchy piano and an uplifting euphoric melody you won’t be able to say no to!

Outside (Sir Matty V Remix): Download


Steve James – Lucid Dreaming (Vol. 2)

As you all probably know, KFT doesn’t typically post mixes, unless it’s a major festival weekend and we’re trying to dish out all the best sets. However, Steve James’ mix is something worth sharing for its unique take on what a podcast is all about. James most importantly omits sharing a tracklist, explaining that it allows the listener to focus on the entirety of the mix as more of a journey, as opposed to a track by track analysis. Instead of checking the tracklist, seeing that Tiesto song you love, and skipping to 32 minutes in to listen, Lucid Dreaming is about tuning in for every second with equal curiosity. Also, it helps SJ keep his edits secretive. All in all, I love the take on what a mix is all about. Make it less about the artist, less about the track, and more about the music. Enjoy Lucid Dreaming 2 below.

ALSO – Steve got a brand new crispy website. Go to to check it out in all it’s glory!

Steve James – Lucid Dreaming (Vol. 2): Download

Elephante – Temporary Love feat. Brooke Forman


Fun fact time: Did you know Elephants walk on the tips of their feet and hands at all times? Seems appropriate, since Elephante is always on his toes, never going a minute without providing us with new fresh sounds to chow down on. This time around, he unleashes an original with the help of Brooke Forman singing the pains and sorrows of a “Temporary Love.” Elephante has clearly developed a sound of his own that shines through in each of his tracks. Grab the FREE download below!

Elephante – Temporary Love: Download

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