Pep & Rash – Fatality (Quintino Edit)

After seeing Quintino blow the roof off Liv Miami a few weeks back, he’s back in action with a brand new remix. Upon the first listen I couldn’t help but think back to Oliver Helden’s remix of ‘Cant Stop Playing.’ A new wave of futuristic house is on the rise and tracks like these will keep its stock high. Pep & Rash did a hell of a job on the original but my hats off to Quintino who delivered the goods like he has time and time again.

Buy on Beatport: Pep & Rash – Fatality (Quintino Edit)

Steve James Launches Radio Podcast Unlike Any Other

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be well aware of the growth and progress of the young 16 year old producer, Steve James. Having released a slew of contagiously euphoric remixes such as takes on ZHU, Ellie Goulding, Clean Bandit, and Cash Cash (to name a few), the future is bright for the youngster. He has wanted to develop and launch his own mix series for quite some time, but made sure to be patient and systematic in his approach. After much wait, we are psyched to finally present Steve James’ podcast, Lucid Dreaming. SJ wanted to do something special with this, and I believe he has.

What you’ll notice is this mix has no tracklist. I know what you’re thinking: “what. the. heck.” Or: “ohhhh mahh gahd I neeeed to know what that track is why can’t Steve release the tracklist.” However, it isn’t provided for good reason: he wanted this to not be about individual tracks, or plugging artists. He wanted Lucid Dreaming to be a musical adventure, as songs mesh in one fluid rhythmic journey. It is about the set as a whole, not track by track.

Also, don’t expect these podcasts on a consistent basis: not weekly, semi monthly or even monthly. They’ll be released when it feels right to Steve, and not a moment sooner. Now enough of my babbling, enjoy Volume 1 of Lucid Dreaming!

Click to Download: Steve James: Lucid Dreaming (Vol. 1)

Nas VS. Fugees – Surviving The Times (Boehm Remix)

He’s baaaaaackkk! The man who delivered a downright groovy remix to ‘Nothing Really Matters‘ just sent over his new remix and boy is it good. Tropical house is the name of the game right now and if Boehm keeps producing edits like these he’ll be the king one day. Kygo, Thomas Jack, Klingande, and Viceroy are a few of the heavy hitters paving the way for a whole new wave of house. The fluttering synths and old time sax are the corner stone of Boehm’s fusion between ‘Surviving The Times’ and ‘Fu-eg-la.’ Alex Craciun put an uplifting feel-good vibe on a track he felt represented him, and reflected the struggle/hard work you have to put in to succeed in the music industry. I love what this guy is doing and I dare you to try making a case against it.

Click To Download: Surviving The Times (Boehm Remix) 

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Get To Know Hardwell

Robert van de Corput is a global icon, record label owner, #1 DJ in the world, and fan favorite, but who really is the 26 year old superstar? Hailing from a city nestled in the southern region of the Netherlands, Hardwell has gained followers by the millions with his music and performances. He has released countless Beatport chart-toppers en route to his back to back ‘DJ Of The Year’ honors from the highly-touted DJ MAG polls.

While Hardwell’s musical endeavors have led him across the globe, it all started by learning classical piano at the age of 4. Although there is no formula for becoming the next big DJ, Hardwell’s journey is far from an ordinary rise to fame. After watching a documentary on DJs as an 11 year old, Robert became mesmerized with the idea and began a relentless pursuit. He invested in a set of decks a year later and was signed to his first record label at 13. It’s been awhile since I was 14, but if I remember it correctly I wasn’t playing clubs across the country like Hardwell was doing.  His musical aspirations led to a short lived enrollment in Rock Academy. Tiesto was also a product of Rock Academy music school, but Hardwell dropped out after just 3 months. From that time on, remixes and originals under the name Hardwell spread like wildfire.

Hardwell founded Reveled Recordings in 2010, and quickly enlisted serious talent to accompany him. Dannic, Deorro, Dyro, Firebeatz, Paris and Simo, Swanky Tunes, TV Noise,  and W&W help comprise Revealed’s current roster. Hundreds of singles and a collection of Hardwell Presents Revealed compilation albums have been released on his label. Hardwell’s music is special, but when he gets behind the decks with an amped crowd is when he really shines. The I AM HARDWELL North American Tour kicks off later this week and is certain to be filled with memorable evenings.

KFT got the low down on Hardwell’s backpack essentials, so here’s what he’ll be taking on tour with him. For the music side, Hardwell packs a 13″ Macbook Pro, Sennheiser headphones, and USB drives. He also can’t be without a Nintendo Game Boy, Chapstick and a couple black Revealed shirts too. When Hardwell heads to Chicago Friday night, you can bet he’ll be taking his tour essentials along with him. If you’re still ticketless, the San Fran and Toronto shows are already sold out so time is of the essence. When Hardwell stops in Miami, you can guarantee we’ll be there, so look out for KFT logo!

 Buy Tickets For Hardwell’s NORTH AMERICAN TOUR

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Gareth Emery proves to be one of the best live acts in EDM

The amount of Gareth Emery reviews we’re written on KFT is verging on obsessive. But what can ya do when the guy just puts on phenomenal shows, especially since Drive, is perhaps my favorite album of the year. Coming straight from seeing Porter Robinson (absolutely incredible!!) at the Fillmore Miami Beach I decided to be a warrior and hike to LIV to meet Zach.

Mednas got the crowd swaying with an opening set that like usual exceeds that of most (if not all) residents we’ve ever heard. We can’t wait to hear what music he has in store, because something’s telling us he has some of his own music on the way!

Opening with the brilliant intro aka “Entrada” the crowd was feelin’ toasty from the start. Entrada of course meaning entry in Spanish, the track has become Emery’s iconic intro song throughout all of his Drive Tour. Mixing in a little “Dynamite/Locked out of Heaven,” got the show off to the races. It’s one of my favorite mashups of his that he plays out at all his shows, and it really flows naturally. Tiesto’s “All of Me” rework, his collab with Krewella “Lights and Thunder” as well as a rendition of “Sky Full of Stars,” Gareth gave everyone something to dance to whilst screaming their hearts out and channelling their inner American Idols.

Then he broke out “Beatiful Rage,” a trackI have mentioned before as maybe the sleeper off of the album. Not really overpowering but gentile trance and a really solid voice backing it up thanks to LJ Ayrten. Meanwhile, Emery commanded the stage, clearing showing the crowd LIV was one of his favorite places to be. Can you blame the guy? The place ain’t half bad.


But seriously, the thing that struck me was how many people actually knew every single damn word to every single damn song. Hands to the sky, we all serenaded shamelessly, reciting “Eye of the Storm,”  (video below) “Concrete Angel,” and “Million Years.” Following up the spree of Drive songs with Calvin’s “Blame” and Audien’s live set slayer “Pompeii” I didn’t think the crowd could handle it all! Finally the time came for the finale “Long Way Home.” I don’t normally use this phrase but that song is just 4 minutes of “the feels.” Goosebumps, shivers down the spine, the whole nine. What I love about the album is it has the perfect intro song (“Entrada”), and a really fitting closer with “Long Way Home.” I think it’s always advantageous when an album has a beginning, middle and end – Gareth’s does that. We just wish there was no end that given night…

Overall, it’s always a really refreshing experience seeing Gareth live. I firmly believe that he had the album of the year in EDM thus far, as Drive is flawless from top to bottom. The album is a real journey, and Gareth was able to accurately convey that journey on the decks of LIV that night. He connects with the crowd, uniting the room as a whole. Needless to say, the guy left everyone awestruck.


*Shouts to our boy Jona for letting us experience the greatness, he’s pretty much an honorary member of KFT at this point.

**Credit to WorldRedEye Photography for the photos. Check out the entire album taken the night of the performance:

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