Monday Mixes from Prince Fox and Win & Woo

Download: Win & Woo – The Untitled Five (Tape 2)

Closed Sessions Bonus: Q&A w/ Prince Fox

Talk about getting over the Monday blues… two awesome mixes for different times of the day. While Win & Woo unveil part 2 of their 5 part mix series, with chill and rythmic tunes, Prince Fox unleashes a future “hip-pop” half hour of jams. Both of these are must-listens, from the very start to finish.. don’t skip a beat!

Dillon Francis Releases Melodic Remix of Disclosure’s “Omen”

Not to say I’m not a fan of Dillon Francis’ vintage style of production, but I inparticularly enjoyed his remix of James Hersey’s “Coming Over” with Kygo. While it was completely out of left field for Francis, it was an intriguing move for his sound. He is further committing to that very direction with this here remix of Disclosure + Sam Smith’s “Omen.” Check it out above on the stream, and stay tuned as it should be available on iTunes/Spotify any day now…


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