Amber Run – Heaven

One of the greatest parts about writing for KnackForTracks is having the ability to share with others what I consider to be one of my greatest passions: music. Fundamentally, music is about sharing. From artists sharing their expression with fans to those fans sharing their experience of music with one another, music brings people across all cultures and walks of life together. Case and point: this song was recommended to me by the dad of a friend, believing it was only a matter of time before this group would gain some stateside popularity. I really dig the song–and I hope you do as well–but popularity is never purely about how good your sound is. What it all boils down to is how many people a song can reach. If you like this song–or any song for that matter–share it with someone. Enjoy!

Porter Robinson – The Seconds Ft. Jano (NGHTMRE & Davey Gray Remix)

My oh my what do we have ourselves here? NGHTMRE and Davey Gray join forces and the result is this melodic beauty. They take Porter Robinson’s “The Seconds” and turn it into a completely different animal. The vocals from Jano are perfectly preserved between the uplifting breakdowns. I’m no fortune teller but I know this one will be racking up the plays in my iTunes quickly.

Click To Download: The Seconds ft. Jano (NGHTMRE & Davey Gray Remix)

Sultan + Ned Shepard vs. The Boxer Rebellion – Keep Moving

Too busy listening to this on repeat to actually post it so sorry not sorry. Ever since Nicky released the Miami Reboot collection back in March, I’ve been gnawing on the 2 min preview, completely unsatisfied. Finally, all is satiated. The catchy piano along with Boxer Rebellion vocals is magnificent.

Click to Download: Keep Moving (Original Mix)


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