Rihanna & Drake – Work (Reynolds & Heesters Cover) [Sylow Remix]

As it hits the 10pm mark, I want less of that in your face dance music coming out of my speakers and more of those sultry late night vibes that make you wanna light a candle and get freaaaaaaky. The Frenchman Sylow takes Reynolds & Heester’s cover of “Work” into his own hands and gives it what I call a “midnight makeover.” Send a text to that special someone and get to WORK.

Rain Man ft. Oly – Bring Back The Summer (Derek Faze Remix)

So the original “Bring Back The Summer” was tight, and marked the return of the real talent behind the group formerly known as Krewella (Prince pun not intended), but Michigan native Derek Faze takes it up two notches….at least. With a fusion of future / funk / deep house, this remix will have your heartbeat syncing with every drum kick. DISCLAIMER: we are not responsible for any arrhythmias that may occur, do not attempt if you have a prior heart condition. 


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