Almond & 200DB – The One ft. Lokka

Joel Almand has taken some massive strides in the past year since rebranding himself under the name Almond. A series of phenomenal mixes and his EP, Utopia (with Lumian) got the ball rolling before he dropped “The 90’s Were Nuts” bootleg pack. He’s been tearing up the party scene at Ithaca College, but his crowds are about to get much bigger after being added to the 2014 Beachglow Music Festival lineup.  As for the track Almond said, “We didn’t go the route of ‘this would make record labels want us,’ we went the route WE wanted to go. You cant change the world by doing the same. Both Piero and Samuel (of 200DB) don’t speak english well and it was really difficult trying to tell them what to change or if they liked what I wanted, but honestly it just shows that music is universal. This collaboration illustrates how far Almond has come and is just a glimpse of what he’s capable of.

Click to Download: Almond & 200DB – The One ft. Lokka

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